Freon check for your Vehicle


The Freon should be inspected for your vehicle on a regular basis. Even though we are getting closer to fall temperatures, there will still be some warm or muggy days ahead this month. You will want to switch the vents to air conditioning to help keep the cabin of your vehicle cool and comfortable. If you start noticing an issue, always make sure that you contact us. In the air conditioning system for your vehicle, it uses Freon to help cool the air. This happens when the compressor will pressurize the Freon, and turns it form a gas to a liquid. This allows the air conditioning system to create cool air that is circulated into the cabin of the vehicle.


You may start to notice signs of low Freon for your vehicle if there is warmer air blowing from the vents. This can be anywhere from just slightly cool to room temperature. The air conditioner should always blow cool crisp air in the vehicle. Anything less than that should be brought in so we can inspect the air conditioning system for you. The Freon may be low or empty. Also make sure to look for any low Freon levels. This can be an indication of a leak in the vehicle system. You may see a thin grease line around the compressor, lines, or inside the cabin. This could be Freon, and should be cleaned up as soon as you notice it.


Another thing to notice when you turn on the air conditioner is if you hear the clutch engaging. The clutch allows the compressor to operate and pressurize the Freon of the vehicle. It then will work by reading these Freon levels. When there is not enough, then the clutch will not engage. If you notice an issue with this, make sure to contact us and we can inspect the vehicle for you.

Signs a New Cabin Filter is Needed for your Vehicle

A new cabin filter for your vehicle may be needed when you start to notice several signs of a problem. Bring the vehicle in for regular maintenance inspections so that we can inspect all the parts and components for it. We can also advise you on a regular schedule that should be followed for your vehicle. This will help to ensure all the parts are able to stay in the best condition when you drive your vehicle. The cabin filter is one of the most easily forgotten about parts of the vehicle. This is because you probably will not think of it unless the air in the cabin of the vehicle is poor. When the air quality is less than ideal, you may start to consider the cabin filter.

When the cabin filter becomes dirty, it will be the first sign to notice it should be changed. New filters are nearly white. With time, the pollutants and contaminants, it will turn the filter brown or black. By visually inspecting the filter, you can determine if it is in need of a replacement. You should also remember to inspect the filter under adequate light. If the filter were dirty or dusty, now would be a good time to clean it out. Having a dirty filter can also result in poor fuel efficiency when you drive because there will be reduced oxygen flow.

Another sign of an issue with the filter can be if the engine has a hard time turning over. This is mostly because there would be a low air to fuel ratio. If the ratio has too much fuel, then you will start to notice that the engine is flooding. There could also be spark plug pollution with it too. If the vehicle has a rough idle, this could also be a sign of a poor filter for it.

Be Aware of School Buses


With the start of a new school year, make sure you are following the laws when encountering a school bus. You will want to make sure that you look to see if the stop sign extended out from the bus, make sure to stop. If kids are crossing the street, you should be stopped to help prevent an accident. When the lights are flashing on the bus, make sure to slow down and come to a complete stop. This way when the bus comes to a stop, you will be able to as well. The lights will also be flashing as the stop sign is extended out from the bus as well.


If you are driving in an oncoming lane, the same rules should be applied as well. Look to see if the bus has flashing lights. You will want slow down and pull over. Even if you are not sure, it is better to be safe than sorry. The same rule applies if you see the stop sign extend from the bus, make sure to not pass or drive by the bus. When driving in a school zone area, you will want to make sure that you slow down and are aware of your surroundings as well. Make sure that you are on the lookout for children that might run across the road without looking for cars.


Also remember that it is important to have the vehicle inspected. If you have to drive with the headlights on, you will want to make sure they can work properly. If they do not illuminate the road in front of you, you will not be able to have the best visibility possible when driving. The lights will also help other drivers and pedestrians see where you are as well. With proper working lights, you can help to reduce the chance of an accident occurring.

Car Repair When School Begins this Fall


Keeping the car properly maintained when school starts again is important. This will help with the safety and reliability of it as well. When the vehicle has regular maintenance done for it, you can reduce the chance of an unexpected breakdown from happening with it. We can also advise you when the schedule is for each task of your vehicle. If you notice anything out of the norm with the vehicle, make sure that you contact us.


You will want to check the fluid levels for the vehicle. If any are below the recommended amount, top them off. When a fluid is low frequently, it can be caused by a leak in the system. The hoses will need to be inspected to help ensure they are in the best condition. If a hose has a crack or leak, we can replace it as soon as possible. Also remember to check and change the oil on a regular basis. Doing so will help keep the engine and moving parts working effectively. Also remember to have the oil changed on the recommended schedule. This will help keep it fresh and clean.


Proper back to school care should also include all four tires of the vehicle. The tires should be checked so that they are properly inflated. If a tire gets low on a regular basis, there could be a leak. Also make sure to have the valve stems inspected, as well as around the rim. These areas can be common for the leak to occur. The tread should also be checked on each tire. If the tread is too low, then you will notice the vehicle pulling in one direction or the other. This makes it difficult when the road is wet. You can test the tread by placing a penny upside down in the groove of the tread. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, then the tire has low tread. Make sure to contact us and we can inspect it for you.

Remember the Kids or Pets in your Car this Summer


During the hot summer months, you may become distracted by any errands or projects that you are doing. You will not want to leave kids or pets in the car when it is not running. Having the vehicle just sitting in the sun and turned off can cause it to raise several degrees in a short amount of time. The interior will then become dangerously hot as soon as you turn the vehicle off.


Whenever you stop and get out of your vehicle, remember to check the backseat for any kids or pets that might be in there. It is extremely important to double check that everything is out of the vehicle, so you do not accidentally leave them in there. You can set a reminder on your phone that will help you to be aware of kids or pets. If you have to run in somewhere quick, make sure to keep the car running with the air conditioner on.


Also remember that now the hands free law is in effect. This means that you cannot have a cell phone in your hand talking on it when you drive. You will have to have it connected so that you can use it with only one-touch and activate the rest using your voice. This is to prevent drivers from taking their hands off of the steering wheel as they drive. When you drive without being distracted, you will be safer on the road. You will also allow enough time to react to any situation if any animal or object jumps up on the road. Remember to pay full attention to the road in front of you as you drive. Failure to do so can result in an accident. By following the safety laws, you can help to decrease any accidents from happening.