When winter comes, now is the perfect time to double check your battery. The cold temperatures will have a greater risk at the battery than other times of year. The colder temperatures can drain the battery quickly. There are a few different parts that can affect how your vehicle starts. This can include the battery, starter, or alternator. The best way to make sure your vehicle is ready for winter, is to have it properly inspected. Regular maintenance will help keep all the parts working in the best condition for you.

Battery Going Dead

If the battery starts to go dead, the cold weather will take its toll on how the battery works for your vehicle. When there is an issue with how the vehicle starts, it is always best to inspect the battery first. Make sure that all the terminals are clean and free of any debris or damage. If the terminals have an issue, then the charge will not pass through the battery properly. Terminals that have corrosion or rust will have a decreased chance of being efficient for your vehicle.


Also remember to start your vehicle and let it run for awhile. Doing so will help to ensure that the battery is able to be charged up to the best of its ability. It will also warm up the oil and fluids in your vehicle. If you start your vehicle and immediately drive, the battery may die suddenly. You will also want to make sure you drive long enough where the battery can charge itself back up. Making frequent short stop and go trips can cause the battery to drain. This is because it does not have enough time to run. If you notice any issue with the vehicle and how it starts, make sure to contact us and we can inspect it for you.