Any noise from the vehicle should always be taken seriously. A clunk, squeal, screech, or grinding noises are all things that alert you to an issue with the vehicle. No matter what you hear, make sure to schedule an appointment with us. This way we can inspect the vehicle and resolve the issue before it become worse. If there is a high pitch squealing from the tires, it can indicate that the brake pad is wearing against the rotor. This means that the brake pads will need to be replaced soon so the brake system is the best it can be.


A loud squealing noise under the hood will indicate a worn or loose belt. This powers a lot of the vehicle’s major system. When the squealing is more consistent, that could mean the belt is about to break. If the serpentine belt does snap, all of the accessories that the engine runs will stop. To make sure this does not happen as you drive, make sure to bring the vehicle in at the first sign of it.


Any loud roaring noise coming from under the driver’s seat or in the vehicle should always be looked at. This could be caused by a leak or crack in the exhaust system. If the exhaust system fails, then the engine sounds and vibrations can go through the vehicle. You may even notice that the driver’s seat starts vibrating. Even though it may seem like it is nothing, make sure that we inspect it for you.


Another noise the vehicle may make is a whining noise when turning. If this happens, also be aware if the steering when feels stiff and unresponsive. The power steering can start to cause friction with another part. If this still continues, you will lose control over the steering of the vehicle. It will also cause damage to the rest of the power steering system for the vehicle. By avoiding fast or sudden turns, you can help reduce the chance of an accident from happening.