Getting your tires aligned is important for the safety of you and your vehicle. If your vehicle is not aligned, it will handle differently and be unpredictable. This will be a danger to yourself as well as others. By aligning your wheels, you will be able to avoid excessive wear on tires and other vehicle parts. When your wheels are not aligned, they work against each other resulting in tread wear patterns and will cause your tires to wear out quicker, adding a bigger expense.


An alignment is an elaborate process that allows the car’s suspension to be positioned and configured properly so the wheels are aligned to one another and also to the road surface. You may notice when your car is starting to show signs of improper alignment. But because a specific machine is used in the process, bringing it into the shop is the best option.


While driving, small shocks and potholes can knock your vehicle out of alignment. If you have poor wheel alignment, especially the front-end alignment, it is extremely dangerous because this can cause your vehicle veer in one direction or another if you over-steer. Also poor alignment causes your tires to shimmy on the road, causing the tires to have premature wear on them. Poor alignment will also reduce wear on the steering column. If your vehicle has an extreme case of poor alignment, it may cause even more parts to wear. With correct wheel alignment, your vehicle will handle more smoothly and it will make it easier for you to avoid dangerous situations when driving.


Some symptoms of poor alignment may not show up during normal driving conditions, but would create issues during an emergency situation such as hard breaking. If you notice your vehicle pulling to the left or the right, it is time for an alignment. If you notice uneven wear on your tires, shaking, or bad vibrations, it is a signal it is time for an alignment. Getting a wheel alignment will ensure your vehicle handles properly, will make your ride safer, and will also get better gas mileage.