air conditioning


The air conditioning for your vehicle helps you to stay cool and comfortable this summer. If you start to notice an issue with the vehicle and keeping it cool, make sure to bring it in so we can inspect it. We can inspect why the air conditioner may not be running as efficiently as it should be. By bringing it in for regular routine maintenance inspections, you can help to notice when the issue might start to develop. Anytime you notice the air conditioner is less than ideal, you can bring it in and we can check the air conditioner and recharge it if it needs it. Over time, the air conditioner will start to fail. Typically this is not a sudden issue, but one that is gradual and you notice over a few months. Also be aware if you hear any odd noises when the air conditioner is operating, because this could be caused by parts or belts for it. A strange noise is an indication of an issue, and should be inspected as soon as you can.

Moisture in your Car

You might notice an issue with the air conditioner based on what the inside of your vehicle feels like. When the air conditioner operates, it cools and dries the air. This is because the warmer air is replaced by the cooler air. You may start to notice moisture coming from the air conditioner when it is in operation. It may also cause the vehicle to not cool the inside of it as quickly either. Along with the moisture, you may notice any odd odors. With the moisture comes the chance for mold and bacteria to form. If you notice this, it is always recommended to bring your vehicle in to have the air conditioning system inspected.

Check the Refrigerant

The refrigerant should also be checked for your vehicle. This helps to keep the air conditioner efficient, and keeps the interior of your vehicle cool. By having this properly maintained, you and your passengers will stay cool when you drive this summer. On average, the refrigerant can diminish by as much as 15 percent. Typically this occurs when the air conditioner is not is use, so you will not be aware of it when you need to turn it on in the spring. If there is an issue, the seals in the system could dry out, and result in the quicker use of refrigerant.

Be Aware of Leaks

There can also be a leak in the system. This makes the refrigerant leak out and your air conditioner will not have it in order to keep you cool. Sometimes the condenser can become blocked as well. This can occur from dirt, grime, or other debris. When this happens, the cooling system will not work. So make sure to have the vehicle maintained, so we can make sure it cools correctly for you.