As a Minnesota driver, you probably already know that our winters can be rough on your car. From salt on the roadways to freezing temperatures, your vehicle most likely needs some TLC as we thaw out from a long winter.  The tricky part is knowing what you need to have checked during your spring tune up and why.  If you’ve been wondering what’s important to include in your spring maintenance tune up with your mechanic, we’ve got you covered with 5 must-have inspections to keep your car running well as we enter the spring and summer.

  • Check your tires and rims

If there’s any part of your car that takes a hit during the winter months, it’s your tires and rims. From ice on the roads to those hard-to-miss potholes, your tires need some TLC right about now.  In addition to the typical tire rotation and balancing, make sure your mechanic inspects the tread life on your tires, and looks for any dents on your rims.  Both of these issues could impact the balance and life of your tires.

  • Ask for a suspension inspection

Checking the suspension in your car includes checking your vehicle’s shocks and struts which can impact your ride, your control, and tire wear. When your suspension system isn’t doing it’s job, you may notice excessive bounce or sway as you drive, unusual tire wear, or nose-diving when stopping. Getting your suspension checked each spring can give you peace of mind for a safe drive all year long.

  • Inspect those belts and hoses

While not as immediately noticeable as the other areas of your car, your belts and hoses may not have weathered winter in tip top shape. Our cold temps can cause wearing, tearing, or cracking to your belts and hoses, which can result in you stuck on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck. To avoid all of that unpleasantness, just ask your mechanic to inspect for any cracks and tearing before you get on the road this spring.

  • Change your cabin air filter

This one doesn’t necessarily make your car run smoother, but it will affect the ride in your car.  Your cabin air filter’s job is to keep pollutants and allergens out of the car so you can breathe fresh air, and enjoy the ride. If you neglect changing your cabin air filter, you and your car can experience more pollutants and allergens in your car, your AC will have a harder time running, your windows can fog more readily, and it can start to smell musty inside your car (especially when you run the AC or heater).  Plan on changing your air filter each spring to keep your drive comfortable and clean no matter where you drive.

  • Look over the basics

We often take our vehicle basics for granted, but it’s important to look over those basic necessities that we often neglect.  Winter can be rough on those windshield wiper blades making visibility a liability. Spring is the perfect time to inspect, and in most cases, replace those wiper blades. While you’re at, don’t forget to check your lights – including headlights, taillights, and turn signals. Be sure to replace any burnt out bulbs and ensure that your lights are not yellowed or hazed over. If they are, it’s time to replace them so you can eliminate any night driving hazards.

With these 5 essential inspections, your car will be ready to go wherever you travel this spring and summer. If you’ve been looking for a great place to take your car for these spring maintenance inspections, we’re ready to help. Simply make an appointment and we can get you ready to drive wherever the road takes you this spring.