Driving in the winter can be a challenge. The road conditions can change in a matter of minutes. It is always a good idea to check the weather and road conditions before you leave. This can help you prepare for what type of weather you will be driving in. Also remember to have your vehicle properly maintained. Doing so will help ensure that all the parts and components are working correctly. If there is an issue, we will be able to locate it and recommend what should be done to have it repaired. Doing so will help you save time, money, and stress in the long run this winter.

You will want to schedule an appointment if you start to notice the vehicle showing signs that are out of the norm. When the vehicle pulls in one direction or the other, there may be an issue with the steering of the vehicle. The tires may also be over or under inflated. If the roads are slick it will become difficult to drive, especially if your vehicle pulls randomly. By having us check the issue, you can determine the specific cause of it. If the vehicle pulls when you apply the brakes, there could be an issue with them as well.


If you start to slide when driving, slow down but do not slam on the brakes. Sometimes slamming the brakes will make it worse. You will not want to over correct your steering, so try to stay calm and get the vehicle back under control. This should be done with the least amount of motion to the steering wheel as you can. You will want to be aware of what the weather is. If it is raining or sleeting and the temperature is right around freezing, chances are good you may have ice to deal with. By slowing down and remaining calm, you can decrease the chance of having an accident.